Building Burwood Brickworks

A building that comes to life from the ground up

From the first day of construction, the team creating Burwood Brickworks had to approach the construction process differently. Bringing all builders and contractors along for the journey was necessary to ensure the rigor of the Living Building Challenge® was applied every step of the way. 



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    Three core principals

    Managing waste, sourcing the right materials and strict site rules were key to ensuring Burwood Brickworks can meet the LBC® requirements.

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    Effective waste management

    Meant a staggering 99% of waste generated in the construction of Burwood Brickworks was diverted from landfill.

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    Using materials in new ways

    Took workers on a deep learning curve, enriching skill sets and fostering new relationships up and down the supply chain.


Growing towards the future

Most major construction projects start with a ceremonial sod turning event. Holes are dug into the ground representing the start of what will become the building’s foundations. 

But what if the building’s foundations are to have deeper, more sustainable roots? To better reflect the aim of what the team was aspiring to achieve at Burwood Brickworks, a ceremonial tree planting took place instead on June 12, 2018. Four citrus trees were planted, which are still growing on site, to symbolise the intention to grow from the ground up rather than take from the earth.

Soil was an important feature of the first stage of the building. The entire site was once a former quarry, with the deepest pit some 35m deep. This meant deep excavations already existed on site, which would need to be filled, while a new space would need to be dug for the underground carpark of the new retail centre. Soil on site was shifted to make room for the carpark while helping infill the deepest pit of the former quarry. What remains of the former quarry will be transformed into beautiful ponds and parkland space area for future residents and visitors to enjoy. 

This replenishes the ground and invites nature back in, a core principle of the Living Building Challenge®.

Extra soil that could not be accommodated on site was taken to other nearby construction sites to be used as infill.  

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