Burwood Brickworks: the world’s first retail Living Building.

It’s sustainability’s gold standard.

Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre by Frasers Property Australia, is the first retail centre to attempt – and achieve – Living Building Challenge® Petal Certification, the world’s most rigorous measure of the built environment administered by The International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

So what is the Living Building Challenge®?

What's it all about.

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    The Living Building Challenge® is the built environment’s most rigorous measure of sustainability.

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    It challenges projects to operate as beautifully and efficiently as a flower.

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    Living buildings draw on great design but operational performance is the key to certification.

Building Burwood Brickworks

A building that comes to life from the ground up.

From the first day of construction, the team creating Burwood Brickworks had to approach the construction process differently. Bringing all builders and contractors along for the journey was necessary to ensure the rigor of the Living Building Challenge® was applied every step of the way.

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brick wall

Building Materials

Better ingredients towards a more valuable whole.

Toxic materials pervade the construction industry, having an enormous impact on the environment, the food chain and the health of workers right across the industry. But there are better ways to build.

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Doing Retail Better

Playing beyond the rules.

When Frasers Property Australia set sights on the Living Building Challenge®™ at Burwood Brickworks, it was understood it would place enormous demands on the team, as well as the retailers. There were universal rules to follow and tenants rose to the challenge in their own ways.  The experience has created shared learning throughout the retail industry.

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internal mall
garden bed

The Environmental Story

Traditionally, shopping centres are enormous consumers of energy, create pollution, and reduce biodiversity. Burwood Brickworks turns all of that on its head.

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Design and Planning

A shift from cookie-cutter retail towards biophilic design.

Where does the planning process start when you decide to embark on something that has never been attempted in retail before? From engaging with planning authorities to bringing architects and designers along for the journey, Burwood Brickworks has broken new ground.

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wooden treatment
mandy nicholson

The Indigenous Story

Burwood Brickworks makes a bold statement towards reconciliation, using the Living Building Challenge®  requirement for Beauty to commission Indigenous artist Mandy Nicholson to create a striking installation artwork connecting the site to its traditional Wurundjeri heritage.

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Living Legacy

All buildings leave a legacy. For most, this legacy can be crudely defined as being an environmental drain on the site they occupy. Burwood Brickworks will be a building that inspires change, leading by example and leaving a net positive environmental and community legacy.

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hanging ceiling

The Back Story

From the people of the Kulin Nation, to orchard groves and market gardens, to manufacturing the bricks prevalent in Melbourne’s iconic brick veneer homes, the Burwood Brickworks site has a long history of delivering for the community.

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