Living Legacy

Living Legacy

All buildings leave a legacy. For most, this legacy can be crudely defined as being an environmental drain on the site they occupy. Burwood Brickworks will be a building that inspires change, leading by example and leaving a net positive environmental and community legacy. 


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    It’s a 12 month process for Burwood Brickworks to undergo official LBC® certification and justifiably claim to be the world’s most sustainable shopping centre

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    Educational tours for industry, community and school groups are a core part of the ongoing commitment to educate and inspire change

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    Burwood Brickworks is the vision for change, realised in action, accessible to all


Towards certification

At Burwood Brickworks, from the outset the aim was to create the world’s most sustainable shopping centre - but it’s not quite there yet.

To truly claim the mantle, Burwood Brickworks must go through the rigorous Living Building Challenge® certification process over a 12-month period. It is a two-phase process, facilitated by the International Living Future Institute and audited by an independent third party.

The first phase is a preliminary audit which provides a conditional assessment of the Living Building Challenge® requirements, or “Imperatives”, that are less likely to be impacted by the centre’s operation, such as the construction materials. With the centre complete, the preliminary audit is expected to be completed around September 2020. 
The process to collect 12 months of operational data such as energy and water performance can then commence. This data is submitted to the auditor, who reviews documentation, undertakes a site visit and, once any clarification requests are resolved, recommends certification. 

Based on current timing, it is anticipated Living Building Challenge® certification should be achieved in late 2021. The core Imperatives as outlined in each Living Building Challenge®,  and on which certification depends, are defined by these ‘petals’:

Health and Happiness: Civilised Environment; Healthy Interior Environment; Biophilic Environment
Water: Net Positive Water
Energy: Net Positive Energy
Beauty: Beauty & Spirit; Inspiration & Education
Materials: Red List; Embodied Carbon Footprint; Responsible Industry; Living Economy Sourcing; Net Positive Waste
Place: Limits to Growth; Urban Agriculture; Habitat Exchange; Human Powered Living
Equity: Human Scale & Human Places; Universal Access to Nature And Place; Equitable Investment; Just Organisations   



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