The Environmental story

The Environmental story

Traditionally, shopping centres are enormous consumers of energy, create pollution, and reduce biodiversity. Burwood Brickworks turns all of that on its head.  


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    Urban agriculture

    An Australian first 2,500sqm rooftop urban farm redefines what’s possible when it comes to agriculture in an urban environment

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    Solar power

    On-site batteries capture and store solar energy from 1MW of rooftop solar panels, used to power the entire shopping centre

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    Burwood Brickworks features its own water treatment facility able to filter rainwater for use in the centre, before recycled water is captured, treated and re-used



Burwood Brickworks’ sawtooth roof offers the perfect design for solar panels. That’s a good thing because under the requirements of the Living Building Challenge®, Burwood Brickworks must only use renewable energy, and on an annual basis, generate more electricity than it consumes.   

An extensive 1MW solar array is spread across the rooftop, equating to 3,260individual solar panels. A 250KW battery captures and stores solar energy and this – combined with off-site renewable technology–provides all the centres’ energy requirements with a surplus.

Running a shopping centre predominantly on solar power is no small feat. To ensure the centre has the capacity to meet the energy needs of all tenants, as well as meet the strict sustainability requirements of the LBC®, tenants had to be brought along on the journey.

While the Building Code of Australia allows for a maximum lighting energy output of just over 22 watts per sqm, tenants at Burwood Brickworks use lighting requiring just 5 watts of energy per square on average.  Lighting efficiency has been achieved through the use of LEDs, with particular emphasis on lumens, lux levels, colour, and angles of the lighting. 

Every tenancy is also connected to one, central, energy-efficient temperature control system rather than each tenancy installing and running individual systems. Each tenant is given the power to control the temperature within their own premises.

With very few exceptions, every refrigerated item sold at Burwood Brickworks is behind a closed fridge door. The simple act of placing doors on fridges substantially reduces energy   consumption, particularly for large retailers, such as Woolworths. A door on a fridge can cut its energy use by a large proportion (which is why you would have a door on your fridge at home!), but it also helps us save thermal energy when it comes to heating the building.   


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