The Indigenous story

The Burwood Brickworks story

Burwood Brickworks makes a bold statement towards reconciliation, using the Living Building Challenge®  requirement for Beauty to commission Indigenous artist Mandy Nicholson to create a striking installation artwork connecting the site to its traditional Wurundjeri heritage.

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    Mandy Nicholson’s expansive artwork stretches 1700 square metres across the ceiling at Burwood Brickworks

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    Rich Culture

    Celebrating the rich culture of the Wurundjeri-wilam clan, the artwork represents key aspects of Wurundjeri-wilam Country each one of us can identify with   

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    Artwork provides another opportunity for the wider community to learn more about the Aboriginal heritage of the local area 


A lesson in reconciliation

Look up at Burwood Brickworks and take in a shopping centre ceiling space like no other. 

Indigenous artist Mandy Nicholson’s black and white art installation, which features on the western façade and ceiling is both breathtaking and culturally relevant, but it could not have happened without Frasers Property Australia taking its own journey towards recognising the importance of Indigenous culture in a contemporary setting.

Early in the design phase of Burwood Brickworks, the development team undertook a Cultural Heritage Values Assessment to better understand the history of Aboriginal occupation of the local area. Though the assessment deemed the site was not within an area of cultural sensitivity, it was decided to engage Indigenous strategy and design studio Balarinji to not only better understand how Burwood Brickworks could encapsulate local Indigenous heritage through public art, but to feed into the self-education and enlightenment the project team needed

The Burwood Brickworks site is located on the lands of the patrilineal Wurundjeri-willam clan. Through Balarinji, the team was able to connect with Nicholson – a Wurundjeri-willam artist of 25 plus years’ experience.   

Engaging Nicholson not only contributed to the Living Building Challenge® requirement to create a building of beauty, importantly it also contributed to Frasers Property Australia’s own commitment to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in its process at every opportunity when designing new communities – as outlined in its Reconciliation Action Plan.   

Nicholson’s work covers both the central mall ceiling and two large windows on the Middleborough Road façade.


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