What is the Living Building Challenge®?

It’s sustainability’s gold standard.

These living buildings are dotted around the world, from the US to Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. And soon, in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

What's it all about.

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    The Living Building Challenge® is the built environment’s most rigorous measure of sustainability.

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    It challenges projects to operate as beautifully and efficiently as a flower.

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    Living buildings draw on great design but operational performance is the key to certification.

Challenge like no other

It’s called the Living Building Challenge® because it certainly isn’t a walk in the park. And yet, a walk in the park has something to do with it. Take the Indian Creek Nature Center in Iowa, USA. This LBC® certified project reduces ‘habitat fragmentation’, enhancing the connections people have with plant communities, in a design that invites nature inside.

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Building a flower

In principle, what the Living Building Challenge® asks is simple: to design and create a building that operates as naturally, efficiently and as beautifully as a flower. 


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The Critical 12 months

Buildings taking on the challenge need to prove they can be living. It’s the final, critical, 12 months of the journey.

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Living means evolving

The current version of the Living Building Challenge® is 4.0. According to the ILFI, it focuses on the relationship between impact and effort, recognising that not all projects face the same challenges or share in the same opportunities, and aims to maximise positive impacts specific to the place, community and culture of the project. 

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It will evolve further as new projects take up the challenge, as the bar for all projects is raised, and as the ILFI covers new ground in its mission to create a world that is restorative because of, not in spite of, its built environment.

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