Centrale proudly designed by award-winning architectural firm Turner

Designed by award-winning architectural firm Turner, the vision for Centrale stems from the natural verdant landscape in which the buildings sit.

Bordered by extensive green surrounds, natural parks and the Lane Cove River, the influence of the natural environment is a key element of the design language.

Inspired by nature and purity, each Centrale living space comprises of carefully selected colour palettes and premium finishes and inclusions.

Careful attention has been made in the design of the transitional spaces of Centrale. Building upon the overarching project vision of nature and purity, the lobbies have been inspired by the forest floor and the canopy above.

An abstraction of the forest canopy is found with the use of custom backlit perforated ceilings, throwing a soft, yet dramatic, dappled lighting effect throughout the space.

The floor and wall treatments use textural and warm finishes with accents of mirror adding points of reflection. Custom timber furniture has been designed with natural forms in mind, allowing for areas to pause, sit, and enjoy the surrounds.


About the Architect

Turner create built environments that both serve their purpose well and bring delight to their occupants whilst ensuring they have lasting qualities that will remain relevant over time. Inspired by nature and purity, the design concept for Centrale stems from a response to its geographical location and the surrounding natural environment, forming the basis for an exemplary offering in residential living.

Centrale’s architectural language incorporates a level of modern purity in the overlay of a clean, white lattice. This is set in counterpoint to the vertical building elements and blades that take on more natural hues, taking their cues from the surrounding forests, allowing buildings to sit gently and respectfully within their surrounds, while exuding a refined clarity.

The buildings that Turner create are borne of a collaborative process that helps to uncover project-specific results; these are environments that can reinvigorate the city at large, as well as deliver places of value to those that inhabit them.