Fashion professional Chenlin has been at Discovery Point for seven months.

The glamorous life

“Aesthetics has always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I was always interested in fashion. I'm so proud to tell my friends that I live here because the space is really looked after and it is just such a modern and glamorous neighbourhood,” Chenlin says.

Retail at her fingertips

“The retail precinct is great here, as more and more shops are opening. As the community grows, so does the retail offering. It's brilliant. Just as you step out of the station you can get your breakfast, lunch, dinner and your groceries all in one stop. It’s convenient. 

“Among all the options, I would have to say the Chinese dumpling bar and the Thai restaurant are my favourite places to eat. Overall there is a great variety of places to visit, and it can never hurt to have more to choose from!”

Fit for purpose

“There are plenty of fitness options too. Apart from the parks and running tracks, I love to go to the gym and the pools on the weekends with my girlfriends. It’s a fantastic way to catch up with friends as well as exercise. One of the gyms has a great wide view over Sydney, with a clear view of the park and nice outlook over the Cooks River. 

“There are quite a few pools for the residents to use at Discovery Point, however, my favourite is above the LINC apartments. It’s surrounded by glass walls so it feels like a luxurious infinity pool. It’s a great spot for a sunny day, I love it.” 

Discovery Point weekend catchups, Chenlin and Zoe


"I love it here."

"I think first of all the location. I love the location of Discovery Point. It's so convenient. Going to work, it's just like one stop. So location wise it's excellent."