Chris and Mel moved to Discovery Point when their daughter Viv was just six weeks old.

Baby on board

“For the first year, I spent countless hours with her in the pram, just to settle her, and walking around this park,” says Chris. 

“There's a local Mums and Bubs group that we hang out with. In the first year we were meeting up quite regularly. All of the parents were on maternity leave so, weather dependent, we'd go to the café or we'd go to the park. If it was raining, we would go to the LINC building community room and just make that our playroom.” 

“We also get to the pools quite a lot. Originally it was the kids pool, however, now she’s growing up she likes the adult pool. She also loves the playground and it’s nice for us too because that's enclosed and safe, and she loves the water fountains at the Village Square.”

Grandparents on call

“We’re located in a great central spot in relation to both our parents. My parents are from Sans Souci, whereas Mel’s mum is in the eastern suburbs. It is an easy point for both of them to access. It's also a very convenient place to get to anywhere in Sydney really.

“I think because she's surrounded by both sets of grandparents, Viv’s lucky to have one big family. I thought that was quite important.”

Group dynamics

“There is this great initiative called Live Life, Get Active which is designed to build community spirit through exercise, and it’s honestly great making friends through a fitness session. 

“We meet every morning at 6:30am for a 45-minute session. We do boxing, cross-fit training and on Fridays we do yoga. It's really good because there's a sense of commitment to exercise. Sometimes you wake up and you might not feel like going downstairs but when you've got a group of people waiting for you, you kind of have to go!” 

Discovery point residents, Mel, Chris and Viv