Architects Jane and Roger Carthy moved to Discovery Point in November 2011. 

The discovery

“Roger and I were living in the eastern suburbs. We were thinking about downsizing and used to drive up and down the highway and see the development taking shape here. Then we dropped in one day to have a look. The train station seduced us and I wanted to have views of the water. One thing led to another, and we bought an apartment here,” Jane says. 

The aspect

“One of the nice things about being so high up is that you can see the sky. It's not something I expected from an apartment in the city. It’s so nice to sit out on the balcony for 15 minutes in the morning before you go to work, and have a little piece of the day to yourself.” 

The design

“What I like about Discovery Point in contrast to a lot of other developments is the way the community has been designed. It's not just individual buildings. There's a masterplan and a strategy that is really robust. I love the way you come out of the train station in the centre, passing all the shops and through the activated area. 

“It’s a classic example of high quality urban planning: activate the space, get the colour and movement, generate the traffic, get the retail working, create the community.”

Making connections

“We started a music group called the Wolli Creekers to bring together local musicians for a bit of fun and to play at a few events. We've got two or three ukulele players, shadow place keyboards and one of my brothers is a percussionist. I also play harmonica and various other instruments just for fun, and Roger is our bass player,” Jane says.

Discovery point residents, Roger, Jane and Cara the dog