Young professional Ryan Matchit has lived at Discovery Point for three years.

A sense of belonging

“When I think about what makes Discovery Point such a great community, it’s the vibrancy. When I go downstairs and grab a coffee, I can see the way people are interacting and it’s lively and fantastic. People are becoming friends with those who live in different apartment complexes, and we have Facebook groups set up as well where residents can communicate,” says Ryan.

“It means if you're passing someone you recognise in the town centre, you feel comfortable enough to say hello and ask them how they’re going. I think it's the ability to feel like you belong and have other people to talk to as well. I think that's important.”

Green fingers 

“My job at times can be quite stressful and gardening allows me to unwind, relax and just clear my head. And if you're growing things you reap the benefits as well. 

“Gardening has always been a big part of our family's life. My grandparents used to have a huge produce garden and they grew tomatoes, zucchinis and even had an avocado tree. I think I got my love of gardening from my Nan, after she would cook straight from the garden. She's your typical nurturing nan, always cooking something, always trying to feed you.”

Grooming secrets

My partner and I used to travel to Eastgardens from Discovery Point to go and see Sam when he worked at a barber shop there. When the barber shop opened downstairs and we noticed that Sam was in there, we thought ‘Hallelujah!’. I see Sam every couple of weeks to either get my beard trimmed or get my hair cut as well. He's a magician!

“For beard maintenance, the first thing you need is a good barber. Luckily I’ve got Sam. The second thing is after you wash your beard, you need to put beard oil in it. You can also use beard balm. These are nuggets of wisdom from Sam.” 

 Meet the locals Ryan

Ryan, Discovery Point Resident

" I've got a balcony garden and I love to go for walks in the heritage listed gardens, Mount Olympus. We've got parklands and we've got walking tracks around there too"