News | 27 July 2016

Discovery Pharmacy + Compounding

Discovery Pharmacy

Business partners Jack and Elie...

Business partners Jack and Elie were looking to launch their own pharmacy and put down some roots at the local community level. The only question was where?

One drive past Australand’s Discovery Point’s master-planned community and the answer became crystal clear. 

“We came by and were instantly impressed. We met with Australand, made enquiries about starting a pharmacy in the development, and they were more than happy for us to move in. We were instantly approved for the site and our business was off the ground,” said Jack. 

“Both Elie and myself were really blown away by the scale of the development and we knew there would be great demand for a pharmacy with compounding facilities. But for both of us, the sense of community is what really cemented our decision to set up shop at Discovery Point.” 

As well as a full suite of pharmacy products, at the rear of the 180 square metre property is a state-of-the-art compounding facility where tailor-made medicines (from topical creams to more complicated  pharmaceutical treatments) are produced to the highest standard, all readily available with a script. 

“The process of compounding is quite technical and critical, so we have purpose built a facility that is possibly the most advanced compounding laboratory in a retail pharmacy. The community will benefit greatly from that.

As the lively Discovery Point community approaches completion, the pharmacy’s opening hours will extend to 7 days a week. The increase in foot traffic, the quality of neighbouring amenities and the basic medicinal needs of the growing community will all contribute to the long term success of the business. 

”We pride ourselves on being really personable and attentive to our locals’ needs. I took a call on my mobile last week from a customer who I’ve got to know well. She needed advice and I was more than happy to go out of my way for her,” said Jack. 

With a simple and contemporary fit out, Discover Pharmacy + Compounding is a welcome addition to the amenities and services in the popular area. 

“We have established a very close working relationship with the local doctors, and that spells a great continuance of care for the community.”

“Once the development is finished, Discovery Point is going to be an amazing hub for businesses and residents. The amenity is great, parking is a breeze and as a community we are so close to the city”. 

For further information contact Wise McBaron Communication on (02) 9279 4770.