News | 20 June 2016

Orange supermarket and Shanghai fried dumpling restaurant

Orange Supermarket

The queue was out the door on Mother's Day at Discovery Point...

The queue was out the door on Mother’s Day at Discovery Point’s Shanghai Fried Dumpling Restaurant, despite the fact the eatery had only opened its doors that week.

“It was incredible,” said the restaurant’s owner Yan Gu. “And only a third of the menu is up and running as yet.”

Situated within the Orange Supermarket in the retail precinct at Australand’s masterplanned community just 10km from the Sydney CBD, the dumpling den has been an instant hit with both Discovery Point’s rapidly increasing number of residents as well as passing trade.

Mr Gu runs six other Orange Supermarkets around Sydney, including Chippendale, Ultimo, Waterloo and Rhodes, but this one in Australand’s Wolli Creek development is the first to incorporate a restaurant.

“The future is here,” Mr Gu said. “It’s a young, new suburb in a very strategic location, close to both the city and the airport, we well as Kingsford and Marrickville.

“It’s a high density area with a large population who work in the city, so it’s the perfect place to situate the business.”

The supermarket, which is open Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm, has around 1000sq m of floor space and stocks a huge array of goods and groceries. But those residents who would rather not cook for themselves can just pop into the adjoining restaurant and see their order prepared freshly before them, presuming they can find an unoccupied table.

Mr Gu is an entrepreneur as much as a grocer and restauranteur. He is planning an internet ordering service so that people can shop on the train as they commute back to Discovery Point from their jobs in the city, but they’re going to have to shop quickly because the commute only takes 10 minutes. 

“They will use their mobile phones to place their grocery order, we will fill their order here in the supermarket and then they can collect their bags on their way home,” Mr Gu said. 

“They don’t even have to lose time paying here because that’s taken care of thanks to the internet.”

Yan is enjoying being one of the launch retailers at Australand’s vibrant new community on the Cooks River foreshore and is seeing the same faces returning to both his shop and his restaurant. He is also planning some events to further establish that sense of fraternity, including free lessons from his head chef on how to make perfect dumplings. 

“It’s a community location,” he said.  “The people passing through your door are like neighbours, we’re shaping the business around the community’s needs.”