Events at Fairwater | 31 July 2018

Fairwater Foodies in July at the Sales Centre

Residents are invited to partake in the foodies’ event of the year! On Tuesday, 31 July at 6.30 pm in the Sales Centre, we hosted a foodies night, where residents brought their own home cooked dish to share with the community. With 80 people in attendance, and entertainment provided by Funktolia led by one of our residents, Deniz, the foodies night was always going to be fun. To add to the mix of light heartedness, fun and food, residents were able to enter a dish into the “Most Awesome Tasting Dish in Fairwater” category and “Best Kids Meal.”

The judging was overseen by Debbie from the residents’ committee, Zaw from the 2 x 4 café onsite and a special chef judge external to fairwater. The judging process may have ensured that each of the judges gained a kilo or two as they taste tested all the delicious meals to ensure that a champion was selected, with new resident Nicole winning the main category and the Crider family taking out the best kids’ meal.

Residents also brought their recipes along, which were photographed for a residents’ only cook book. The Fairwater Cook Book will be ready by the Xmas Party as a gift to the residents and will feature all the dishes, recipes and “chefs” from the Foodies night.

The Foodies night turned out to be a highlight for residents and is destined to return in the near future as food seems to be high on the agenda for our residents.

Foodies in July 2018Foodies in July 2018Foodies in July 2018Foodies in July 2018Foodies in July 2018