Events at Fairwater | 22 May 2020

Fairwater Social Isolation Photo Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to our Social Isolation Photo Competition. It’s so wonderful to see how all of you have come together from a distance and gotten creative within your own homes.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the $200 Mastercard gift card is Mahesh Chauhan for his wonderfully creative depiction of a typical day in isolation!

Second place goes to Guneeta Khanna Kaur for her capture of some peaceful moments at the Fairwater Boulevard Free Fun Library. Well done Guneeta and thank you for your ongoing work in improving our community.

And finally, third place goes to Erin Stokes who staged an awesome photoshoot with her little one that captures the feeling of life inside a box – so clever!

Check out all of the amazing entries below.

First Prize

Resident photos

By Mahesh Chauhan

1. Phases

I am a person who loves to shoot landscape and nature. That's my like go to option if I will like capturing some images by going out and shoot what I will see in around me. So not a surprise that this theme actually put me in a really tough as we have to shoot a photograph inside or from our property. The only place which I think is useful for me is the balcony. In my entry "Phases" I tried to show a frame in different phases of the day. That photo is taken at 6 different times of the day starting from afternoon to late night and then next morning.

2. My day

Tried to sum up my day in a single photograph. That's me working from home (man I really hate WFH but its so convenient), playing Nintendo Switch, doing some meditation (if I get time) and watching some TV.

Second Prize

Resident photos

By Guneeta Khanna

Here is social isolation in action for us through 146, Fairwater Boulevard Free Fun Library at our premises.

‘Fairwater residents savour a little bit of sunshine, pick up a book & share knowing smiles of empathy with fellow residents whilst maintaining social distance’.

Third Prize

Resident photos

By Erin Stokes

We decided to capture this crazy time in life where it can sometimes feel like your living inside 4 walls so we decided to capture that feeling inside a box! Lucky for us, living in fairwater gives us access to so many parks, pathways and the cafe so even during this crazy time we have still felt comfortable taking walks outside in amazing surroundings. 

Resident photos
By Anna Wang
My dad Bobby cooked up a storm on the weekend for the family during isolation. He made a 3-course meal starting with a delicious pumpkin and potato soup with croutons. Main was roast pork and veggies with apple compot and gravy and we finished off the night with sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and ice cream on top. 5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

Resident photos
By Purity Live
Images of her new baby. 

Resident photos
By Kaushal Nair
My daughter and I developed a hobby of ‘Paper Folding’ (similar to Origami), however we searched online for ‘Paul Jackson Paper Folding Fundamentals’ or Paper Folding Techniques to make our experience more creative and interesting.  The idea was to create Pendent Lights hanging from the ceiling of 5-star Restaurants.  To be able to do this, I used Photoshop to place the paper pendent light on the ceiling of the Restaurant.  A particular Restaurant was chosen to make the image look real.

How we did it:
1. Non-conventional painting styles that we searched up on YouTube.  We used Acrylic paint and method of rolling pin to roll out the paint.
2. Used 'Knife Folding’ Technique from Paul Jackson’s book to create the shape as shown above.  
3. Photoshop was used to place the Paper Pendent Light from the Ceiling.

Resident photos
By Melissa Mae Rafallo
One of the biggest challenges of self-quarantine is how you deal with boredom and maintain your mental wellbeing.
While it can be tempting to binge on a Korean drama series for days, it is recommended that you ensure you have some variety in what you’re doing. This might mean turning the TV off and try new recipes in the kitchen, normal gardening and doing household chores. 
Your self-quarantine could even be a great opportunity to discover a new hobby or interest such as levelling up the normal gardening into a “Mini Garden in a Pot”. This activity boosts my creative skills on how I will express myself and turned them into a mini masterpieces just by using the plants in my garden and miniature stuffs that goes with it. As you all know, gardening can relieve stress, can make you happier and not only that, you are also making Mother Nature happy. 
I am also investing my time in my “Diamond Paintings”, yes from the name itself I am painting using ‘diamonds’ This activity is so worthy of my time, as it requires diligent and focus attention. I have several design in the pipeline so hopefully by the time we are back to normal life and out to the outside world, I am also done with my paintings.
This isolation times must not be put to waste, all we have to do is to focus on the things and activities we seldom put into consideration with during our normal days and now is the time to bring them to life. If you are bored, go to the kitchen and cook, do activities with your family, together, always.

Resident photos
By Vijay Chennupati
Due to COVID-19 social isolation many people have been spending more and more time on their mobile devices scrolling through their social networking feeds even to the extent of staying up late at night interfering with their sleep schedule and mental health. These photos demonstrate how isolation is effecting our lives in these difficult times.

Resident photos
By Vivian Wang

Sipping some coffee, read more books; gardening and more baking.  

Resident photos
By Michael Stokes
Please see our entry which commemorates ANZAC Day. Piper is lucky in that her great grandparents served in both the Australian and New Zealand militaries (appropriate for ANZAC) and returned home after the war.

Although we could not visit a Cenotaph or take part in a dawn service, we did our own chalk drawings, made ANZAC Cookies and appropriately had a private dawn service overlooking the lake.

Lest we forget

Resident photos
By Terry Ja
Story time in our secret garden. 

Resident photos
By Ashleigh Conn
Just getting my workout in now the gyms are closed. While I watch the workout video on our TV I also have my friends on my phone on a video app so we can chat and laugh together. 

Resident photos
By David Morris
Light and Shadows - working from home these days has meant that I'm in the house at different times than I usually am, so see the light and shade play in different ways.
Resident photos
By Kevin Crider
The theme: Fair-isolation skating
My Daughters Kayla (left) and Allysa have taken up roller skating since the isolation restrictions. They have been doing a lot of skating around Fairwater and we noticed that it has inspired a few others to pick up this fun recreation as well.