Our community

Our community

Here at Frasers Property, we know what makes a community thrive. We’ve been creating memorable places for Australians to feel proud of since 1924.

Living proud is the driving philosophy behind the Frasers Property approach to creating the foundations of healthy, happy and harmonious communities.

We are genuinely motivated to create the best life possible for the people who will live within Fairwater. With over 800 new homes being created, complete with roads, parks and open space, our goal here is to help connect and grow the neighbourhood to ensure that a vibrant, social and connected community inhabits and thrives for years to come.

The Fairwater community development program shares a vision for the community to become one that exemplifies healthy and active living; maintains a clean and thriving natural environment; and champions inclusive, lively and welcoming spaces for its residents and surrounding communities.

Our approach to community development until the time we are due to leave is to work with the residents to ensure a strong focus on community partnerships and build the capacity of our residents by mobilising community talents, skills and local assets. Everyone has a skill, or experience. Everyone shares a passion and cares. And everyone has something to contribute.

By identifying, activating and mobilising the strengths of our Fairwater residents, we are more likely to see people within our community take control of their future. We are also more likely to draw upon and harness the skills and experience of the Fairwater community to create lasting community programs and connectedness.

Every year we have seen our community development program grow, with a variety of events and programs now in place. Fairwater Foodies is just one of these many exciting activities initiated by the Fairwater community.

We’re really proud of the community evolving at Fairwater and we hope our residents all feel proud of their home, their community and all that they have created.

What residents love about Fairwater