Midtown Stage 2

Midtown Stage 1 was approved in April 2020 with construction commencing from December 2020. Frasers Property is now seeking development approval for Midtown Stage 2 which was on exhibition from 19 October 2021 to 15 November 2021. We have now received the public and public authority submission in relation to the proposed development and are currently preparing our responses for the Department of Planning to consider before making their assessment. 

Midtown Stage 2 is consistent with the approved masterplan and is being carefully designed to provide sustainable, cohesive and green community spaces that include;

  • Three residential buildings with associated parking and communal open spaces
  • Neighbourhood retail (including a small supermarket)
  • A large village green, including a playground
  • A community centre, commercial gym and pool
  • Substantial additional planting of around 400 trees (on top of the 150 trees included in Stage 1).

If you would like to view the State Significant Development Approval for Midtown Stage 2, click below.

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Stage 2 Design Proposal


The Shrimptons Creek skate park will be closed from 21st March 2022 as part of the construction of the new link road connection to Lyonpark Road.

The design process for upgrading Shrimpton's Creek is currently underway with works expected to be completed on site in mid-2025.

Skate park closure

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If you have a query or would like to lodge a complaint, you can email or call us via the dedicated community phone number and email address. Call 13 38 38 or email midtowncommunityfeedback@frasersproperty.com.au You can also contact us via post - postal address: 1 Ivanhoe Place, Macquarie Park NSW 2133.