Public benefits

The proposed modifications to the Concept Plan will result in a number of improvements and public benefits, including:

Sensitive integration of landmark buildings
Taller buildings concentrated in the town centre and appropriate locations along the harbour waterfront;
A landmark recognisable building that will identify Shell Cove within the broader region and attract pedestrian activity along The Waterfront, providing direct and indirect economic benefits.

Improved public space and walkability
Higher quality and more varied public spaces throughout the precinct improving local amenity, walkability and enjoyment of the open space.

Better located community facility
Relocating the community facility, including a library, tourist information centre and dedicated community spaces, from the western end of the town centre to a central position, adjoining the boat harbour waterfront and promenade;
A more walkable and vibrant town centre that attracts residents and visitors to Shell Cove. 

More housing options and activation
Increased activation of the town centre resulting in a more vibrant and successful waterfront;
Better housing mix and choice to cater for current market demand;
More new homes located within immediate walkable distance of amenities like shopping, dining and public spaces, providing views over the wetlands and water.