A number of public submissions cited the potential for additional impacts to the coastal environment and wildlife. The matters raised in the submissions have been addressed in the table submitted as Appendix A. It is noted that, with the exception of the proposed inclusion of the „Northern Lands‟, the proposed modifications remain within the site boundary established by the Concept Approval. The Northern Lands are treeless and do not contain any significant vegetation or plant species. The habitat value of the Northern Lands for native plants and animals is negligible and there is no significant habitat on this site for threatened plants, animals or communities. Therefore, there is no requirement to undertake additional assessment of the ecological or biodiversity values of the Northern Lands.

The Department‟s assessment of the Concept Approval and subsequent studies has determined that the site does not accommodate any threatened species of flora or fauna. Therefore, further analysis is not required.

A Coastal and Stormwater Quality Assessment was undertaken by Advisian and submitted with the Modification, the assessment concluded that the Modification will not result in any additional adverse impacts to coastal processes or stormwater quality beyond those considered during the assessment of the Concept Approval.

Ecological and coastal impacts assessment report

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