Traffic and parking

A large number of public submissions raised concerns about the potential impact of the Modification on transport, traffic and parking in Shell Cove. The discussion overleaf summarises the responses to the key matters.

Traffic Generation

The RMS confirmed in an email dated 19th December 2016, that the traffic report was satisfactory and that they raised no objection to the modification in principle. Additionally, they confirmed that the traffic generation would not significantly impact on the state road network (refer Appendix L). On this basis, the traffic analysis undertaken to date is complete (attached at Appendix M).

Notwithstanding, a number of public submissions raised concerns with the traffic analysis identifying that an approximate 2% increase in traffic generation would occur when there is a potential increase of up to 318 dwellings (21%) throughout the Boat Harbour precinct. To clarify, the minor increase in traffic generation is a result of the following:

  • The primary source of traffic generation will be the non-residential uses;
  • Traffic generated by the residential component represented only 16% of total traffic generation within the Boat Harbour precinct; and
  • The applicable RMS traffic generation rates for residential development are currently 8% to 20% lower than the RMS traffic generation rates used to calculate the traffic generation in the assessment submitted with the Concept Approval.

To expand, the Concept Approval (fully developed) was estimated to generate approximately 4,000 vehicles per hour (two way) in the weekday afternoon peak hour. Of this number, the residential component (1,238 dwellings fully developed) of the Concept Approval was estimated to generate approximately 655 vehicles per hour (two way) in the weekday afternoon peak hour. Applying the current RMS traffic generation rates the increased residential component (1,501 dwellings) would generate approximately 750 vehicles per hour (two way) in the weekday afternoon peak period. This is an increase of approximately 95 vehicles per hour (two way) or 2%.

If the RMS traffic generation rates that were used to calculate the traffic generation from the original Concept Approval were applied to the Modification, the increase in traffic would be approximately 3.5%.

The RMS has accepted the traffic analysis that has been undertaken.


The impact on residential, commercial and visitor car parking was a concern that was raised by a number of public submissions. To clarify how the parking provisions have been developed and deemed appropriate, the key concerns are addressed below:

  • Residential parking within the Boat Harbour precinct will be provided in accordance with the Council‟s parking rates outlined in the relevant development control plans or other relevant standard;
  • A minimum of 596 spaces will be provided across the Shell Cove Town Centre and close to the marina. The proposed parking has been assessed to be suitable to support the range of uses planned for the Town Centre. The number of parking spaces has been calculated using the relevant RMS parking rates and takes into account that not all uses have peak parking demands at the same time; and
  • Parking rates and requirements will be addressed in further detail during the preparation and endorsement of the relevant precinct urban design guidelines.

Road Design and Safety

Public submissions raised concerns with road design and potential parking and safety issues. It is understood that some of these comments may relate to land in Shell Cove that is not within the Concept Approval boundary. Notwithstanding, it is noted that the proposed roads have and will be designed generally in accordance with the road designs proposed in the Concept Approval.
Response to Submissions | Shell Cove Boat Harbour Precinct | 07 February 2018
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Public Transport

A lack of public transport options was identified in the public submissions. It is noted that the main roads within Shell Cove have been designed for buses with bus stops to be provided within the town centre. Frasers is in consultation with the local bus operator to provide services to the Town Centre.

Traffic assessment report

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