Read the December 2013 construction update.

We are pleased to announce that stage 1 of construction is progressing ahead of schedule. The excavation of the Inner Western Boat Harbour Basin is now fully complete and approximately 310,000 cubic metres of soil has been excavated from this area.

The excavation of the Harbour Entry Channel within the Beach Zone is also now complete and sand stockpiled from the excavation is being temporarily placed back into the entry excavation area. The construction of the Break Wall within the Beach Zone has progressed well throughout the year and is now 70% complete.

The construction of the Southern Temporary Surcharge Mound is also well underway and is approximately 60% complete. You may notice that the area surrounding the Southern Temporary Surcharge Mound has been enclosed by a clay bund wall. The purpose of this clay bund wall is to isolate this area from the remainder of the Shellharbour Swamp in order to protect the natural waterway.

In other news the tenders for stage 2 construction closed on Wednesday 18th of December. The Waterfront Construction site will be closed over the Christmas break from Friday 20th of December until Sunday 12th of January.