Designed to live in harmony with the natural surroundings.

In creating The Waterfront, Shell Cove Frasers Property Australia and Shellharbour City Council have called upon some of Australia’s leading environmental consultants to ensure that The Waterfront is designed to live in harmony with the natural surroundings.

A number of sustainable initiatives have been adopted as part of The Waterfront, these include:

  • Remediation of a former Council Tip: Waste materials from the former council tip on the site were extracted and encapsulated in a modern best practice land fill cell. This has improved the local coastal environment by removing pollutant sources that previously leached from the old tip.
  • Construction of a Compensatory Wetland at Myimbarr: This wetland system provides 12.4 hectares of freshwater wetland and saltmarsh and provides significant ecological habitats as well as water quality treatment for stormwater flows from the suburb of Flinders.
  • Treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils: Innovative management strategies have been implemented for the treatment of acid sulphate soils in the low lying estuarine environment which ensure impacts to the environment are minimised.
  • Water Quality Management Plan: A project water quality management plan has been implemented which incudes the rehabilitation of more than 1.5 kilometres of existing watercourses. As well as the construction of a series of wetlands and bio infiltration swales to cleanse stormwater generated from new houses to pre-development water quality standards.
  • Sustainable Water and Power Initiatives: The promotion of sustainable water and power use initiatives within all new homes with minimum standards in accordance with the NSW government BASIX requirements.
  • Promotion of sustainability initiatives for water and power usage within all new homes with minimum standards to be achieved in accordance with the NSW government BASIX requirements.

Other key initiatives integrated within Shell Cove include:

  • Walking tracks and cycleways connect to all key amenities throughout Shell Cove to reduce dependence on cars and promote healthier lifestyles.
  • Roads designed to maximise solar orientation of dwellings to assist with reduction of energy use.
  • Development of The Links Shell Cove Golf Course and surrounds with biodynamic and water sensitive designed principles, including stormwater recycling for course irrigation. This has been an important initiative to ensure protection of the downstream Dunmore Wetlands from residential impact.

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