News and updates | 08 April 2022

Waves of Discovery - A kids day at The Waterfront

The Waterfront, Shell Cove, is Australia’s newest boating and lifestyle destination and a playground for big boats, adventure and fun, and we wanted to break it down to make the most of your visit to The Waterfront.


Let’s start at the water, the natural magnet for kids who want to splash or roll in the sand. The kids beach has been a popular drawcard since the marina officially opened in October last year and is a safe spot for all ages and abilities.

Kids beach

Taking a walk around the boardwalk, you don’t have to go far to find one of a dozen interactive activity stations that have been scattered throughout the 2.5km play-trail. 

A whirlpool column, fun mirrors, speaking tubes, periscopes and a scavenger hunt board are proving to be the most popular.

play trail

Amongst the fun is the chance to be educated and entertained with plenty of information on Shellharbour, the details in the development of Shell Cove, its history as a boating destination and a few riddles for a bit of extra fun.

Some of the unplanned inclusions have been just as incredible, we knew the water around the marina was going to attract some incredible marine life, but in the few short months of opening, we have seen turtles, octopi, dolphins, seals and the most popular residents to date, our resident Grey Nurse Sharks.

Beyond the water, the fun continues.

The community garden is a significant drawcard for kids who can wander, explore and sample the abundance of fruit, vegetables and herbs within the garden. The garden is run by a passionate group of volunteers who work daily to keep the garden stocked, fresh and ensure that nothing tastes better than a carrot straight from the ground.

community garden

Beyond the immediate centre is a plethora of parks, ovals and waterways that have been designed with functionality and fun in mind. The waterways all service the marina, but are also a great destination for ducks, swans and turtles, and provide plenty of green space to let the kids run.


Once the play is done, it’s time for hot chips, ice cream or a treat from one of the many retailers within the Shell Cove Town Centre. So whether you’re after a wholesome snack or sugar highs, there is something for all ages.

Come, experience The Waterfront, Shell Cove. There’s no place like it.