May construction update

21 May 2020

May 2020 Construction update


Harbour flooding update:
Following the completion of the outer harbour facilities in June, the harbour flooding period will now commence. This phase includes the removal of the weir and some final construction work to the ends of the break wall and groyne, and then the dewatering period will finish (the pumps that keep the harbour dry may be turned off).

There then will be a period of the harbour being filled and pumped, while the water body is monitored and stabilised prior to the removal of the sand bund which will connect the harbour to the ocean.  This process is influenced primarily by rainfall. The Marina opening date is still on schedule for the second quarter of 2021.

Other construction activities:
• The removal of the surcharge mounds in Precincts F, G and H are almost complete. This material is now temporarily stockpiled in the future business park prior to permanent placement.
• All of the inner harbour piling works for the Marina is now complete. All 30 outer harbour piles are also complete. A new contractor commences on site this week to commence the Heavy Duty Platform and Travel Lift Rails in the outer harbour area. This is the final scope to complete as “dry works” prior to the harbour flooding phase.
• The roof of the AQUA Apartments has now been poured with a ‘topping out’ ceremony to mark this milestone. Read article here.
• The basement and ground floor slabs of the Tavern are now complete with the Tavern Building to commence.
• The Wetland 6 and bridge structure that connects the Town Centre to Precinct E will commence in the next few weeks.
• The Foreshore area that connects the water play, around the front of Aqua to the Tavern will commence on site in the next few weeks.
• Precinct A1 commences settlements this month with A2 following in July.
• All town homes are on track for their scheduled completion dates with the first 2 stages in precinct E settling by the end of this month.

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