Waves of Discovery – Outdoor Adventures at Macquarie Pass

03 December 2020

Outdoor adventures at macquarie pass

Macquarie pass canyoning

When it comes to outdoor experiences, Shell Cove is spoilt for choice - it's a community almost surrounded by the most sought-after watering holes and waves on the East coast but it's proximity to the escarpment also ensures you get the best of the mountains too!

James Waddell is the Manager of Eagle Rock Adventures and what started as a passion for outdoor adventures six years ago has quickly manifested into his fulltime profession.

With several sites throughout NSW, Eagle Rock Adventures run weekly tours out of Albion Park as part of their Rainforest Canyon tours.

This is their storey...

"We've been running tours out of Macquarie Pass since 2014, logistically it's a great site and while there are a lot of great canyons around, Macquarie Pass Rivulet is one of only a few where it's legal to do so.

The season for this is focused. We try to get in as much as we can between September and June when the weather is warmer - it's not a winter sport!

It's a real experience for people who haven't done it before and any typical day will have you abseiling, rock jumping, swimming in fresh water holes and experiencing all the outdoors has to offer - sun, wildlife and reptiles, which does include a Diamond Python or two.

These experiences usually last for about six hours and require a moderate level of fitness and full mobility but we take bookings of all ages from ten years. And this is definitely a do-able experience for beginners, you'll be supported by qualified guides and we will run several briefs on technique throughout for anyone who hasn't done it before.

We meet at the Woolworths in Albion Park for coffee and briefing before we make our way to Clover Hill carpark, gear up with a helmet, wetsuit, harness and backpack - it sounds like a lot but it's no more than about 5kg, and then we start the hike in.

We make our way to Ben Turner Farm where the track meets water and after a quick abseiling and canyon awareness chat, we're off - abseiling, rock jumping and swimming, and it's here you see plenty of amazing wildlife, including the Eastern Water Dragon and Diamond Pythons.

After that we enjoy a nice lunch at the waterhole before making our way back out again.

Here's a little sample of what you can expect.

 If you think you have what it takes to leap, jump, hike and swim your way around Macquarie Pass, this is the place to give it a go. For more information or to book an upcoming tour with James and the Eagle Rock Adventure team, visit their website.

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