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14 August 2020

Article two: Coastal Walks

There are many amazing benefits of living in Shell Cove – a world-class marina, proximity to public transport, sporting fields and stadiums, parks, schools and it’s just minutes from shopping, cafes and the coastline. 

What people don’t often realise is how many amazing trails are accessible from your doorstep or within just a short drive. From Bass Point, Killalea to Kiama and the waterfalls of Macquarie Pass, here are some trails that are enjoyable for the whole family and FREE to enjoy… 

Bass Point

Coastal Walks - Bushrangers Bay

There is no shortage of inspiration within this reserve – from swimming holes, beaches or dive sites, it’s a true hidden gem of the South Coast and one worth wandering on foot.

From the end of Harbour Boulevard, you head south towards the old gravel loader to get to Bass Point. The track starts at the boat ramp or there is an access at the stone entrance which will take you to one of the most picturesque picnic spots on the coast – Bushrangers Bay.

Not only is this a relatively easy walk (with the option to go a little rugged if you wish) it’s also full of rich Indigenous history which is highlighted throughout the walk. 

Despite its natural beauties, there are a few elements to be wary of, the tide is one, high swells can also present challenges and there are some rocks to scramble over if you choose. If you stick to the tracks (via the main road), there is still plenty to see and it’s much more accessible. 

As you wind your way back, you will be able to enjoy the sights (and more swimming!) at Maloney’s Bay perfect for cooling down, exploring and embracing your backyard!

Killalea State Park

Coastal Walks - The Farm

It’s best known for its surf break, but Killalea is also home to several walking tracks (or Park Run tracks if you’re up for it on a Saturday!). 

You really can’t go wrong – or get too lost – here, it will just depend on how much of an adventure you’re up for!

One of the lesser known trails in Killalea (unless you surf) is the track to Mystics Beach which will get you over to Minnamurra River. This is at the furthest point of Killalea State Park and follow the signposts. It’s a special, apart from one steep section, relatively easy and pristine. 

Another secret hideout in Killalea is the Lagoon – a freshwater habitat for a range of ducks, birds, fish and water species. To make your way to the lagoon, follow the wide track that heads off near the rotunda (park near the Kiosk and look back towards the entry). This is an easy, family friendly walk that offers some wonderful sights and if you’re up for it can take you out onto the beach and back up the stairs or simple re-trace your steps back towards the rotunda. Keep an eye out for the albino Kookaburra that frequents the park!

Kiama Coastal Walk

Coastal Walks - Kiama

This is a wonderful walk and can be accessed by train if driving is not a preferred or available mode of transport. 

There are several entry/exits along the walk which will make this as hard or easy as you desire and it doesn’t matter if you choose to walk the entire thing or just a snippet – it’s spectacular. 

The walk has been broken into three major sections – Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole (8.4km) and takes in Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Headland and Bombo Beach; Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay (5km) which includes the famous Blowhole, Kiama’s best beaches and the Little Blowhole, which can be just as spectacular as its counterpart; and finally Loves Bay to Gerringong (6km) arguably the most spectacular and instagramed section of the walk and while it includes several undulating hills, the views are worth it. It is worth noting, some parts of this are along unprotected cliff tops, caution is advised, especially if walking with children. And if you’re up for it, you can do the entire walk in reverse, catch the train down to Gerringong and head north – the train ride alone is worth it!

Shade and amenities aren’t great along here so if you do choose to go the distance, be prepared – pack a hat, water and plenty of sunscreen. 

If you’re preparing to walk the entire thing, we recommend checking out this map before you go. 

If you’re keen to continue further down the Coast, we also highly recommend Drawing Room Rocks which is in the escarpment overlooking Gerringong, Gerroa, Seven Mile Beach and Berry. 

There is also several amazing Waterfalls worth exploring to the west, including Jump Rock and Clover Hill off the Illawarra Highway (Macquarie Pass)! 

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