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18 February 2021

Best Golf Courses on the South Coast

It’s one of the countries favourite past times and more and more people are turning to the humble sport of Golf to keep active and social. This week, we are taking a look at some of the best courses within a short ‘drive’ (Par 6!) of Shell Cove.

Boasting 18-holes that offer a mix of short and technical or long and open, The Links Shell Cove is an ideal course to perfect your drive or learn to navigate your shot around the wetlands – which have been known to swallow a ball or two over the years!

the link shell cove golf course

And when you’ve finished, don’t forget to rehydrate and refuel at the newly refurbished Tavern!

To the west of The Links is the Calderwood Valley Golf Course which is another beautifully presented course that is affordable, accessible and fun for all levels.

Set within the foothills of the Illawarra Escarpment, Calderwood is known as the friendliest course on the coast! Open seven days a week, there is plenty of opportunities to unwind – or wind up – on their fairways while enjoying the sweeping views of the mountains (and don’t be fooled by those crystal-clear creeks, they too can swallow a ball – or four!).

There are several amazing courses to the north of Shell Cove and throughout the Illawarra all within a 30-minute drive of Shell Cove – Port Kembla, The Grange, Russell Vale and one of the oldest courses in the country, Wollongong Golf Club.

Stretching along the beach, this is arguably one of the most iconic courses in the region and has played host to several major tournaments over the years and while most come to enjoy the 18 holes on course, The Nineteenth, their clubhouse, is equally as popular, especially after a long day in the sun.

To the South of Shell Cove, there is no shortage of courses and you don’t need to travel far to be teeing off on an award-winning course. 

Jamberoo and Kiama both offer stunning courses and further down the coast, between the seaside towns of Gerringong and Gerroa you’ll find Gerringong Golf Club.

Further down the Coast, you have Mollymook Golf Club with their infamous Hilltop Course which is ranked amongst the countries best public-access courses.

Carved out from Eucalypt forest in the 1970s, The Championship Hilltop course is a spectacular course that offers undulating hills, amazing tree lines and uninterrupted coastal views.

Hilltop Mollymok golf course

And not to be outdone by its northern rivals is the Narooma Golf Course which was made famous by Paul Hogan in the ’70s and is home to one of the most notorious holes in the country which is not only perched on the edge of the cliff, to reach the green, your shot must clear ‘Hogan’s Hole’ with the ocean claiming anything that doesn’t.

narooma golf course

Regardless of where you choose to play – or how well you play it – there is no denying that NSW is home to some of the most notable courses in an impressive portfolio of golf courses in Australia.

And it could be argued, the best of the bunch is right in your backyard…

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