Waves of Discovery - south coast's best Mountain Biking tracks

25 September 2020

south coast's best Mountain Biking tracks

A few weeks ago, we looked at bike paths and popular rides, this week, we’re taking it up a notch – or mountain – as we head into the hills to discover the region’s best MTB tracks!

From the beach to the bush… 

Cycling has become a popular past time for families looking for inexpensive, enjoyable - with a dash of adventure - ways to experience the South Coast. 

Discover the natural beauty of the South Coast with an abundance of national parks, tracks and trails to experience and while the recent fires have caused some damage to a number of tracks throughout the Southern Highlands and South Coast, there is still plenty to see, explore and experience… 


Blackbutt Forest MTB Track

Mountain Biking

We have spoken about the hidden-gem that is the Blackbutt Forest before, but for anyone looking to dip their toe into MTB – start here. It’s technical, but it’s fun.

Located just minute from Shell Cove, you don’t even need to worry about packing a car Not only does Blackbutt offer a number of great walking tracks and picnic spots, it’s touted as the ideal site for beginner to intermediate mountain bike riders!

There are several trails to choose from starting from a 3km single-track or you can challenge yourself with a longer, albeit tougher course, that takes you into the depths of the forest it boosts the difficulty ten-fold! Expect rocks, dirt, logs and a few jumps to test your skills! 


Kiama Coast Track

This isn’t the traditional MTB track, but spectacular all the same and suitable for beginner riders to get used to their bikes, hills, uneven terrain and a few lung-buster hills. 

You can choose from a range of entry/exit points along the coast track to make this as short or as long as you are capable of going. Unlike most MTB tracks, this is more commonly used track and you will need to be aware of others out enjoying the sights and scenery at the same time. 


To the west… 

GreenValleys Mountain Bike Park

Mountain Biking

This is a custom designed Mountain Bike Park in the foothills of the Macquarie Pass National Park in Tongarra, Albion Park. 

Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park is a must go destination for mountain bikers offering Progressive Trail Structure, Clinics and Coaching, Competitive Race Days, Airbag, Skills Park, Private Hire and Downhill / Freeride / Slopestyle / All-Mountain Trails.

Due to COVID-19, restrictions have been imposed on the park which has limited their services. Currently the park is only open to members (but becoming one is easy!) and they’re looking to recommence their shuttles soon. To stay up to date with the latest, check out their website

And while you’re out there, check out Cascade Falls!

If you’re up for a day-trip, the Southern Highlands is also home to a number of worth tracks and trails worth exploring and experiencing. 


To the south… 

Mountain Biking

The Shoalhaven is home to some of the region’s best tracks, however, fires have caused some damage and closed particular tracks so err on the side of caution and do your research before travelling down. However, we can’t feature MTB without naming three of the top tracks in NSW -  Coondoo, Superbowl and Butterfly!

To the north… 

Lady Carrington Drive in the Royal National Park is perfect for a family group ride or beginners wanting to get their wheels dirty. The Loftus Oval loop offers up a healthy mix of single-track and fire trail over its 26km length and is more suited to intermediate riders. 


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