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11 September 2020

Article five: Bike Paths

Bike paths

With ample tracks and trails, one of the best ways to experience Shell Cove (and surrounds) is by bike! 

Not only great for your health, it’s always a great opportunity to see the region from a different perspective and something the entire family can enjoy. 

Below are some of the more common tracks – with a few lesser known trails – we highly recommend trying.

Lake Illawarra

One of the easiest, flattest and family friendly tracks in Shellharbour is around Lake Illawarra.

With several start and stop points you can choose to make this as long or as little as you wish.

You’ll be riding on a shared footpath which can get busy during the summer so be sure to respect those walking or running too! 

Blackbutts Forest MTB Track

Blackbutt Forest truly is a hidden gem of the region and tucked amongst suburbia, the sheer size of the forest is often deceiving. Not only does it offer a number of great walking tracks and picnic spots, it’s touted as the ideal site for beginner to intermediate mountain bike riders!

There are several trails to choose from starting from a 3km single-track or you can challenge yourself with a longer, albeit tougher course, that takes you into the depths of the forest it boosts the difficulty ten-fold! Expect rocks, dirt, logs and a few jumps to test your skills! 

Kiama Coast Track

Much like the coast walk, there are several amazing tracks (again, most of these are shared paths, so be aware) around Kiama for the entire family to enjoy. With a few more hills than Lake Illawarra, this is still a great family ride but the little ones may need a boost to make it up a few of the trickier hills. Check out the Kiama Cycleway map for inspiration! 

Saddle Back Mountain

This ride is not for the inexperienced. It’s a tough ride but a popular one for those looking to test their strength and stamina up one of the regions tougher climbs (and for those who want to go steeper again – Jamberoo Mountain and Macquarie Pass are worth researching!). It’s a lung buster but the reward when you reach the peak is worth it ….and what goes up, must come down! 

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