Waves of Discovery - Adventure

25 March 2021

Behind this laid-back lifestyle, spanning coastline and emerging food scene is a whole world of adventure and activities that awaits the fearless.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best…

Swim with Sharks

Nothing says adventure like going face-to-face with arguably the world’s most feared predator – sharks.

Bass Point Reserve is home to a number of nursing Grey Nurse Sharks who have become a favourite for keen snorkelers and divers. This is a thrilling experience to be with one of the world’s most feared animals in their environment. No cages, no baiting, it’s nature at its best – and most dangerous. This is an incredible opportunity but one that comes with inherent dangers and we remind you to be aware, alert and respectful at all times.


Mountain Biking

Cycling has been the biggest winner of 2020, with more people than ever turning to two wheels for both exercise, experiences and an allowable escape out of lockdown.

Located near the foothills of the escarpment, you don’t need to travel far to experience a number of great MTB courses. From Blackbutt to Macquarie Pass and a boutique bike park at Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park. There are plenty of incredible tracks to go and explore.


Skydive the Beach

This is 101 adventure and we’re lucky to have one of Australia’s most iconic operators on our doorstep.

Taking off from Shellharbour Airport, Skydive the Beach is a two-for-one kind of experience, offering breath taking views over the coastline as you make your way in the plane to the drop point and before long, your breathe is taken away, as is the plane, while you make your way back down to the coast, in free-fall, from 14,000ft.

It’s definitely one to add to your bucket list.


Fun fact: The Waterfront, Shell Cove is just 15 minutes away from Australia’s most southern subtropical rainforest and endangered warm temperate rainforests.

Macquarie Pass is quickly becoming a popular playground for outdoor adventures and thrill seekers and those brave enough to leap, jump and canyon their way through the canopy.
This is a suitable experience for all ages and we highly recommend contacting the expert team at Eagle Rock Adventures to find out more. 

Game Fishing
We are blessed with some of the healthiest marine ecosystems in the world so head out onto the seas with one of the several charter options available to you from Wollongong to Kiama.

Nothing says adventure like the open ocean and the opportunity – and hours of relentless reeling - to land a Marlin.

Swimming in Waterfalls

Just 15 minutes’ drive west of Shell Cove is Macquarie Pass and at the base of the pass is your first waterfall experience – Jump Rock Falls.

At the top of the mountain are Carrington Falls, Belmore Falls and Fitzroy Falls. Not only are they incredible falls, there’s an option to swim and for the novice thrill-seeker, we highly recommend Nellys Glen at Carrington Falls. You get a waterfall and safe easy access to a swimming hole.

For the adventure seekers, Gerringong Falls is for you. This is NOT a casual walk. Arguably one of the toughest – and top secret – locations in the state, the falls are INCREDIBLE, if you can get to the bottom. Do not take this walk lightly, or alone. Here is just a little clip of what you’d expect – and ultimately why the 20k return trip is proving to be such a popular adventure.


With so many breaks to choose from around Shell Cove, there is no secret that surfing is such a popular pastime, but sometimes the best breaks aren’t straight off the beach. Some of the world’s best surfers have hit the waves around Shellharbour and in fear of retribution from the fiercely loyal locals, we won’t say where these exact breaks are, but there are rocks and reefs to clamber over and these are not for the beginner rider.

When the swell is on, few regions offer a better selection of waves to surf.

And if you can’t get it within 15 minutes of your doorstep, you don’t have to travel far for a whole range of unique, exclusive and exciting experiences that is certain to get even the toughest of hearts racing – theme parks, motocross, wing walks and free diving to name a few.

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