Waves of Discovery - Scuba Dive and Snorkel Bass Point

07 March 2022

Bass Point, beautiful one day, perfect the next and there is no shortage of inspiration within this reserve - from swimming holes, beaches or dive sites, it's a true hidden gem of the South Coast and one worth wandering on foot. 

What lies beneath this heritage-listed reserve is incredible and today we’re taking a look at the best spots to experience it all.

From the SS Cities Service Boston which sunk off the coast in 1943 or the Grey Nurse Sharks who call Bushrangers Bay home, this is an area rich in history in heart-pumping encounters…

Bushrangers Bay

Gravel Loader

Above sea level, it’s one of the most photographed landmarks in Shellharbour but the true magic of this site lies below the waterline.

Accessible via the boat ramp east of the loader, the gravel loader is a relatively shallow dive that is excellent in southerly winds and seas.

From the water’s edge to the loader is only about 30 metres and you don’t have to travel far beyond that to experience the array of fish and sea life that call the coal loader home.

At the tip of the loader, you’ll find several vessel moorings which, at the southern-most mooring is a chain leading to a submerged anchor.

The Gutter

To the north of Bass Point is one of the country’s best kept shore diving experiences.

Its easily accessible, relatively shallow and protected from almost all winds making it a safe experience for all levels and there are some incredible experiences to be had.

The Gutter_Shellharbour Scuba

From the endangered Weedy Sea Dragon, sponges and rays to the notorious Blue Devil Cave which is home to a tame Blue Devil Fish willing to be hand-fed, this is an area rich in all sorts of amazing marine life. 

For the more experienced diver, this is also a fantastic location for night dives.

The Gutter_Shellharbour Scuba

Bushrangers Bay

Located at the tip of Bass Point, Bushrangers Bay isn’t as easily accessed from your car as the previous sites, but once you’ve navigated the stairs onto the rocky shore, you’ll realise it was worth it.

Bushrangers Bay is classed as an aquatic reserve to protect the prosperity of marine life and habitats in the area. This is an exceptional site to explore an abundance of sea life and perfect for kids wanting to learn, explore and be educated about our oceans.


Hole in the Wall + The Arch

Another highly recommend dive site in Bass Point but not as commonly known is The Hole in the Wall.

Located on the southern side of the reserve and only around 8 metres deep, the Hole in the Wall is teeming with schools of fish.


Unlike the previous sites, conditions must be very calm for entry and exit and due to the nature of the experience and location, we recommend booking this one in with one of the several local dive operators in the region or going with someone who has been there before.


Within this ‘Hole in the Wall’ expect to find Australian giant cuttlefish, boxfish, moray eels, and wobbegongs and the blue kneed sea spiders unique to the south coast.



Whichever you choose to do, or if you choose to do them all, it’s important to remember to respect the ocean, its animals and regardless of your experience, be prepared – check the weather, only dive where and when you are certain you can handle and don’t dive alone.


And when and if you do get to check it out, we’d love to see it!


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