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14 June 2022

shellharbour wild

Shellharbour Wild Tour 

Bass Point, Shallows, Barrack Point are all incredible vantage points to watch the annual migration of whales as they travel up the coast, but now, you can get even closer to the action.

In May we saw the launch of Shellharbour Wild Shell Cove’s newest adventure cruise operator.

From the operators of one of the South Coast’s longest serving tourism operators, Jervis Bay Wild, Shellharbour Marina is now home to daily whale and dolphin tours – a timely northern migration in its own right!

Departing from The Salty Squid, Shell Cove daily (9 Marina Drive, Shell Cove), the boat which has a capacity to take out 48 lucky patrons at a time, will have unparalleled and direct access to the ‘Humpback Highway’ and promises an exciting and enjoyable experience for all.

Shellharbour Wild

Over the course of two hours, guests can expect to see the best of the South Coast and Illawarra from the big blue, while on the lookout for the biggest mammals on the planet as they make their migration north over the course of May and June, before they begin their migration south – with their calves in tow – later in the year (October).

During these windows, Shellharbour Wild, will be offering Eco-Scenic Cruises to showcase the best of the South Coast, Illawarra with plenty of dolphins, fur seals and sights to be enjoyed and experienced by the whole family.

For more information on tours, to book your trip or to contact their team, visit their website www.shellharbourwild.com.au

Shellharbour Wild


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