Waves of discovery - Day trip from Sydney

22 August 2022

Shell Cove in a day - it’s doable and full of wholesome experiences, opportunities and unforgettable views. Let’s get going…

seacliff bridge 

  • Before dawn – Set your alarm and start to make your journey south. Check your bearings, but aim to get to Bald Hill for sunrise. Overlooking the escarpment and uninterrupted views out over the ocean, there is no better place in NSW to see the sun rise over the water.

  • 7.00 am – Once the sun is up, it’s time to head south and make your way down the hill and along the notorious Sea Cliff Bridge. Stretching out along the cliff face, over the water, this breathtaking drive is well worth the detour off the highway. If you didn’t already grab your coffee, there is a string of great cafes to choose between Bald Hill and Bulli but wherever you choose, make it a takeaway.
  • 8.00 am – Once you’ve meandered your way along the Bridge and stopped for coffee, make your way through some tremendous northern towns before hitting the highway. Shell Cove is approximately a 45min drive from Bald Hill, and once you arrive, breakfast by the water awaits! Choose from several great cafes at The Waterfront Dining Precinct at Shell Cove. Take a seat at Georgia Rose or The Salty Squid and watch as the boats set sail for a weekend on the harbour.


  • 8.45 am – Time to walk off the Egg Benny! The boardwalk that wraps Shellharbour Marina stretches out for a 2.5km stroll. Pay attention to your surroundings; the marina has been known to attract Grey Nurse Sharks, turtles, penguins, octopuses, dolphins and a sneaky seal. There is also plenty of photo opportunities and an art trail to enjoy!
  • 10.00 am – Refuel with a juice from the Kiosk, and we’re going to jump back in the car for a cruise out to the beautiful Bass Point. We hope you packed your swimmers! Whether you want to dive with the Grey Nurse Sharks, snorkel the shallows of Bushrangers, relax on the white sand of Red Sands, skip rocks at Maloney's or just head to the most eastern point and walk the coastline learning about the history of Bass Point while enjoying its beauty, there is no shortage of things to see, do and experience here. If you are organised, you could pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it overlooking the ocean from your choice of vantage points, or save yourself for a feed at The Village!


  • 1.00 pm – Nothing says road trip like hot chips and tomato sauce! Our pick for lunch would be the newly opened Sunken Spud at the Beverly Whitfield ocean pool, which offers the best hand-cut chips on the South Coast!

ocean pools

  • 2.00 pm – Once you’ve had a chance to sit down, refuel and reset, it’s time to take a quick stroll through the several shops scattered through Shellharbour. This is a true village. It’s quaint, friendly and full of rich history which is worth taking the time to learn – but time is ticking, we have to keep moving, your cruise is about to depart!

Shellharbour Wild

  • 3.00 pm – All aboard the Whale Watching tour! Enjoy an afternoon on the water with the incredible team from Shellharbour Wild. This is a relatively new experience to Shell Cove and is offering its guests an unforgettable experience on the water chasing whales, soaking up the views of the incredible coastline and learning all about the history and rich marine life that calls the South Coast home – including the growing colonies of Seals of the Five Islands.

Shellharbour Wild

  • 5.00 pm – Once you’re back and your sea legs have settled, it’s time to start the wind down – and the best place to do that is set atop the water – The Waterfront Tavern awaits. Load up before the journey home on a healthy menu of seafood-inspired dishes, shared plates or a hearty cheeseburger!
    The Waterfront Tavern
  • 7.00 pm – And, as the saying goes, all good things must end! After 12 hours on the go, the journey home begins – or, if you plan in advance – you could make a night of it, wake up and do it all again tomorrow!



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