Meet Mark & Branca

When Mark and Branca found themselves walking past Tailor’s Walk, they were still reeling from the disappointment a previous apartment sale that had fallen through. 

“We were walking down the street and saw this beautiful development and thought that it looked a lot better than what we had been looking at previously,” says Branca. 

“The development was actually finished at the time, so we could see exactly what we were getting and we were pretty impressed. So, we decided to make an offer,” adds Mark. 

With both Mark and Branca working in the local area, the pair were no strangers to Botany and the lifestyle it offers. “Living in the city for us, it was very noisy. We were after something a bit more quiet, and Botany really gives us that,” explains Branca. 

“We didn’t want to live too far from the beach either,” adds Mark. “Here, we’re close to Maroubra and Little Bay, but still not too far from the city. You also have cafes, breweries, shops, and restaurants, all pretty close by in walking distance. It’s becoming a really cool place to live.”

After several years of apartment living in the CBD, Branca is enjoying being a part of the Tailor’s Walk community. “The way people talk to you and are interested in how you’re doing… it’s very different to what we were used to. There’s such a community feel about living here.” 

After six months in their new apartment, the couple have no regrets about trading the CBD for Botany. “I love my apartment,” Branca beams. “We have the café just downstairs and the IGA Xpress. Plus, Frasers is a very good developer so all of the little things like the dishwasher and the appliances are all quite durable and good quality. We’re really happy.”

The couple plan to stay in their apartment for at least two years, but they’re already looking forward to their next purchase. “Buying a home for the first time is such a big step to take and everyone thinks its so daunting and hard, but it’s not as hard as you think it will be,” says Mark. “Frasers would be the first developer that we’d look at for the next place.”

Mark & Branca