About Third-party property management

About Third-party property management

There are some things you should just leave to the experts. Here are some thought starters about why you should consider third-party property management services for your investment property.

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You’ve signed the papers and collected the keys; and now you’re the proud owner of an investment property. But what’s next?

One of the first calls you’ll have to make is if you should manage your rental yourself, or contract a property management service.

Doing it yourself will obviously cost less, but the truth is that managing your rental property proficiently can get tricky. Keeping abreast of industry trends and research, managing and communicating with tenants and the amount of time and effort required for keeping up to date with paperwork, payments and accounting almost warrants a full-time job!

Why third-party property management?

  • Property management companies are often on top of industry and  government regulations around Tenant/Landlord responsibilities, so you don’t risk violating any rules you weren't previously aware of.
  • Because the rental market is constantly evolving, a professional property management organisation will help establish appropriate rates for your rental property in line with market trends.
  • You won’t have to worry about responding to tenants at odd hours of the day or night; your property manager will handle all tenancy relations, from interviews and screening to inspections, regular communications and management of payments, new applications and much more.
  • These companies often work in partnership with other quality service providers such as lawn care, gutter cleaning, steam cleaning, etc., so you can take advantage of the savings and the hassle out of maintaining your property.

Why Frasers Property Management?

At Frasers Property Management we pride ourselves on personalised service, specialist product knowledge and a commitment to the successful, long term development of our residential communities.

When you partner with us you benefit from the backing of a brand that combines international experience together with a 90 year history in Australia, so you can have confidence that your investment is in good hands.

The range of services we offer covers every aspect of property management, including:


We understand property marketing, plus have access to a wide range of marketing resources, databases and referral netwroks to secure a preferred tenant for you in the shortest possible time.

In addition we employ some of the industry’s most rigorous tenancy selection processes to ensure you get the best possible tenant for your investment, thereby minimising risk and maximising return.

No hassles management and maintenance.

On your behalf, we co-ordinate ‘open for inspection’ dates and private viewings, prepare all lease documentation, negotiate rental agreements, manage tenant liaison, prepare detailed condition reports, and arrange direct debit systems.

As part of this service offering, we also deliver complete lease maintenance recommendations for your property proactively based upon regular documented inspections. All preventative maintenance and repairs required are managed by us.

Tax, payments and paperwork.

To simplify tax preparation and your personal accounting requirements, Frasers Property Management prepares financial statements both monthly and annually.
We also handle approval, payments and receipting of all bills associated with the management of your property according to your personal requirements.

Frasers Property Management offers services in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and we are wholly committed to making your investment a success. For more information you are welcome to contact us or simply call 13 10 25 to speak to a member of Frasers Property Management team.