Getting your property valued

Getting your property valued

Follow these simple tips to ensure you get the best possible valuation on your property.


There are a number of things that affect a property value, such as the land, the age of the house, architecture, style, design, layout, bedrooms and bathrooms, and the quality of fittings and fixtures. While some factors that influence your property valuation are out of your control, here are 3 things you can do to maximise your chances of getting a good valuation. 

1. Presentation

In an interview with Australian Property Investor, Mark Ruttner from First Valuation Group says that the most important thing an owner can do is ensure the property is presented as well as it can be. 

“There’s nothing worse than rolling up to value a house and all the clothes for the last two weeks are on the bedroom floor; dishes for the last week are still sitting in the sink,” he says. General clutter does not show the potential of rooms throughout the home. Ruttner also suggests mowing the lawn and trimming the edges, and touching up the paintwork, to ensure a good first impression.

2. Recent sales in the area

The sale prices achieved in your area are a strong indication and foundation of the value of your property valuation, so make sure you have information available for the valuer.

Ruttner says, “One of the best times to get a current valuation is when you have, say, two or three recent sales that are very similar to that of the property getting valued. Obviously such sales have a direct effect on the arrived value.” 

3. Honesty 

It never pays to be dishonest. Property valuers are wise to even the cleverest of ruses, and they’ll see through it straight away. They also have access to a lot of information if they choose to seek it, so you’ll never get away with telling them the property next door sold for $75,000 more than it really did. 
Be honest and upfront with your valuer and they’ll be more likely to look upon you and your property favourably.

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