So you’re in a smaller space now, which means no front or backyards to flex your green thumbs. Now what?

In bigger cities, homeowners and renters alike are starting to move towards smaller space living such as apartments and even studio flats, which more often means that gardening is off your list of chores.

While less chores is always good, living in an apartment doesn't necessarily mean giving up your green thumb. Discover some neat little tricks to keep a little greenery flowering in your space. 

Make use of your balcony. 

With loads of sunshine, light and fresh air, balconies often provide the perfect spot for herbs to thrive in. With the proper preparation and just a little bit of love, you could be throwing in some homegrown ingredients into your cooking in no time! 

Get creative with the garden. 

The vertical garden (or greenwall) has become very popular for apartment dwellers. If you’re after a more artistic effect, get in touch with an expert who’ll be able to recommend the right plant types, and also provide tips on keeping it green. Be sure to check if this is allowed in your building by checking with your Strata Manager. 

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