Being in Australia with its sun, surf and sea, waterfront living isn’t a lofty dream. With more waterfront developments either underway or being proposed across the country, find out why you should consider life by the waters.


It’s a given – waterfront living is generally a premium feature when you begin looking for a house, and might just be one of the first few to drop off your priority list as you narrow down your choices in line with your budget. 

However, have you considered the health and lifestyle benefits of living by the waters? 

There’s never a dull moment.

Snorkling, jet-skiing or even wakeboarding – Getting into water sports such as these would be a breeze, especially with the facilities so close by and easily available. 

Not so much into sports? You can look at renting kayaks or even a boat and spend some time soaking up the sun with your loved ones!

Get out under the sun.

While we’re often warned about spending too much time under the sun, doing so also offers a number of healing effects. Aside from Vitamin D, the sun can also enhance your moods, contribute to syncing your circadian rhythm (biological clock) and contribute to better sleeping habits. 

Time to work out (harder).

Outdoor fanatics will find waterside sports like volleyball, or even just jogging, more fun and also more difficult than doing the same indoors (in a gym, or sports centre). This is because being active on a sandy bank will actually increase the number of calories you burn; you tend to exert more effort running on the sand than on hard, flat floors. 

Smell that fresh air.

Living in the city more often than not means you’re breathing in air pollution, clogging up your airways and potentially causing certain respiratory conditions like asthma. 

Life by the waters, on the other hand, means easy access to the freshest of air, and far fewer pollutants than big cities and even some rural areas. 

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