Making the most of your space

Making the most of your space

Small space living is becoming the norm, particularly in larger cities. Discover how you can maximise your space, be it a specific room or the entire place.

Home Design

You've moved, everything’s unpacked – now you’re trying to figure out where things are meant to go, how new rooms should be set up, etc. Whether you’re in a small apartment unit or figuring out what to do with that tiny nook in your house, the last thing you’ll want is to create an overcrowded, cluttered environment.

So here are some tips for you to make sure you’re maximising the potential of the small spaces around your home: 

1. Clear the clutter.

The first step to a cleaner, more open space is to reduce clutter. Anything you haven’t used in more than 2 – 3 years should either go to the bin, or your local charity shops. And be ruthless, or you’ll wind up with keeping everything again. 

2. Establish clear zones.

Consider everything you need to do in your space – eat, sleep, work, chill out, etc. – then mark off specific areas for each activity, because such subtle demarcations can actually help make your space feel larger and more multi-functional. 

Bonus tip! You can even split the space into ‘rooms’ with smartly placed seating furniture, or even use paint to signal entry into such zones. Get creative! 

3. Think vertically. 

Not only do free walls offer great surface areas for hanging artwork, but they’re basically also additional spaces for you to install floating shelves, smaller joinery pieces or other functional storage devices (bike rack, etc.). Customise these add-ons to your exact needs, and you’re more likely to utilise every available bit of space. 

Using vertical space, particularly for smaller apartments and rooms, also helps draw the eye upwards, evoking a more expansive sense of space. 

Bonus tip! Shelving can provide additional visual appeal while offering a practical solution to costlier alternatives like bespoke joinery.

4. From dark to light.

Decorate the space with lighter colours that will enhance architectural details, and maximise light and space. 

White or light neutrals are great options due to their reflective properties, as these colours can make a room look more open and airy. Brighter tones or clean colours in lighter shades (i.e. blues, yellows, greens) can also be used to great effect. 

5. Make every piece count. 

When looking to fill up the space with furniture, be sure to find modular furnishings and decorative elements that are multi-functional in the smallest square footage possible. For example, if you’re living in a studio apartment, invest in a good sofa bed and functional bedside table so you can easily convert your bedroom into a lounge area for guests. 

Bonus tip! Modular furniture are great options too. Use two small tables instead of one big coffee table as these would function better in situations with heavy foot traffic, and are also easier to move around. However – this isn’t a go-ahead for clutter! 

6. Let the light in!

The windows are the eyes of the room, so ensure that you’re leaving them light and opened up to allow more light in and draw the eye outward. Covering your windows up will only make your place seem smaller. 

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