affinity at yungaba
We understand the Australian property market inside out. Whether you're relocating to Australia or if you're looking to buy an investment property, we are able to assist. 
Affinity at Yungaba in Queensland. Image is an artist's impression and is indicative only. 

Why invest in Australia? 

Australia is one of the few Asia-Pacific countries that gives you total property ownership so you can continually pass your investment on to your future generations, offering you proper long-term property investment options with good potential for steady growth in returns.

Additionally, our legal system affords high security measures and protection for property owners, making it easy and relatively low-risk to buy a property here. 

How can we help? 

Whether you're a first time property investor or looking to add another property to your portfolio, we can provide you with local knowledge and personalised assistance so you can make a sound property investment decision with strong returns. 

Big decisions like this can be difficult, especially when you’re buying from outside of Australia. That’s why we ensure our processes around buying a property from outside of Australia are simple and worry-free. 

Who will manage your property?

We want to make owning an Frasers Property investment property as easy as possible. If you are purchasing a property in New South Wales or Victoria we have a Property Management team to assist you. Or if you purchase in Queensland or Western Australia, we can help you to find a local Property Manager. 

Buying from South East Asia or China? 

Contact our office in Hong Kong on +852 2810 9210 or email us today. 

Buying from somewhere else?

Please call us direct on +61 2 9767 2650 or email us today. 

Experience real customer care 

Enjoy a lifetime of care and rewards with Prosperity.