A geothermal case study

By Ray Baksmati, Development Director

A geothermal case study

By Ray Baksmati, Development Director

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    First to market

    A significant challenge was applying geothermal in a southern hemisphere climate in a market generally unaware of its existence, and therefore with fewer potential partners and suppliers.

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    Delivery risks

    To satisfy the business case we had to show that geothermal would provide a net benefit to the environment and cost savings for our customers, at an affordable price to us, without increasing delivery risks.

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    Sceptical customers

    Customers would naturally question the merit of paying a premium for an unfamiliar air-conditioning system that delivered similar heating and cooling outcomes to a standard unit.

As a former golf course, the Fairwater site came with an abundance of natural gifts: open space, beautiful mature trees and expansive greenery.

But Blacktown, in Sydney’s west, succumbs to the elements. It swelters in summer and is bitterly cold in winter. A smart air-conditioning solution in residents’ homes was a necessity.

Our CEO Rod Fehring was the first to float the idea of geothermal heating and cooling.

But geothermal hadn’t been rolled out on a large, community-wide scale in the southern hemisphere before. There were major risk and cost hurdles to navigate.

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