The Living Buildings of the future

By Stephen Choi

The Living Buildings of the future

By Stephen Choi

The world’s foremost sustainability professionals recently converged at the International Living Future Institute’s unConference in Colorado. The executive director of the Living Future Institute of Australia, Frasers Property’s Stephen Choi, was there.

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    Authenticity & Action brought to life through imaginative built form projects

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    The world’s portfolio of ‘Living Buildings’ is growing considerably

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    Burwood Brickworks is aiming for hyper-sustainable retail

I recently participated in the Living Future unConference, the annual event that leads the world in regenerative design. Influential people from across the built environment converged in Portland (USA) for four days to showcase and debate some of the avant-garde developments under the 2018 theme: Authenticity & Action.

It was evident that the movement towards ‘Living Buildings’ – that is, the collection of projects that can somehow give more than they take - is growing considerably.

There were several significant highlights. Firstly, digital superpowers Google, Etsy, and Microsoft have all been on their Living Building journeys in Chicago, New York, and Silicon Valley respectively. Google has established the healthiest office environment possible, empowering employees to perform at their best every day; Etsy’s new global headquarters are a beautiful reflection of community, craft, and the hand-made; and Microsoft’s key focus areas of people, energy, carbon, water, ecosystems, and circular economy is guiding its current development.

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