The future of retail: what’s driving change?

The future of retail: what’s driving change?

The future of retail: what’s driving change?

We think super-neighbourhood centres will play a big role in the future of retail. Others think differently. So we worked with Swinburne Business School to collate these diverse predictions – reviewing 26 domestic and international sources, 350-plus pages of material – and came up with the top ten drivers of the future of retail. 

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    The scan

    We partnered with Swinburne Business School for an extensive literature review of what’s being said about the role of shopping centres today and tomorrow.

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    The reason

    Like you, we want to make sense of the rapidly evolving retail landscape, to focus our efforts, support our retailers and future-proof our business.

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    The conversation

    The insights may be familiar but now it’s all in one place. The next step is to form a robust view on the future of retail. Join our conversation on LinkedIn.

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What's the first driver of the future of retail? Convenience

Shopping will need to be easier and more streamlined for the increasingly time-poor consumer. Retail must fit in with peoples’ lifestyles and routines. It means making the process of shopping more accessible at different times, in different locations and through different channels.

Scan and go, self-checkouts, mobile payments and the like will shape the future. More efficient stock control systems will mean retailers can more rapidly meet consumer demand. Here are the questions we’re asking ourselves:

  • How much can retail change in pursuit of consumer convenience?
  • We’ll have to lean on technology, but to what degree?
  • What technologies are required to provide a convenient shopping experience?
  • Can this be achieved through non-technological methods such as improved store design and training processes?

We’re fostering a conversation on the future of retail on LinkedIn, and we’d welcome your perspective. Add your comments at @FrasersPropertyAustralia.

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