Retailtainment, in 6 steps

By Joanna Russell

The retail centre of the future will function more like the village of the past – where much more than shopping is on offer, and where social connections are the glue that binds it all together. Here are the six essential steps for making it happen, from our GM Retail Development, Joanna Russell.

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    What’s the problem?

    Retail is undergoing seismic change

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    What’s the solution?

    The future of retail is a return to village life of the past – with a modern twist

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    ‘Retailtainment’ is key

    It’s more than just shopping… we’re providing the stage for memorable experiences and Instagrammable moments

For many decades, establishing the right retail mix for a new shopping destination was a pretty formulaic affair. Roughly two-thirds of the available space was dedicated to retail, anchored by one or two major retailers. The remaining space was rounded out with food and beverage offers, usually circling a seated food court with little to no natural light, and a loose relationship with the concept of ‘ambience’. Now, thanks to the changing tastes and elevated expectations of a new generation of customers, this formula is no longer enough to guarantee successful centre performance.

Today’s consumers may turn to the internet for shopping convenience. However, for social connection and lifestyle experiences they seek out ‘brick and mortar’ developments where multiple experiences can be found. Increasingly, those places are retail centres that creatively marry civic and social uses, as well as entertainment and recreation; a new breed of destination that’s a far cry from the traditional mall of the past.

In our work as developers of some of the country’s newest crop of retail destinations, we’ve identified what we think are six of the most important considerations for future centre design. Together, these ‘must-haves’ go a long way to establishing a new formula for creating memorable places that people love to connect and spend time in.

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