Finding shared value in retail property

By The Urban Developer, with Jack Davis

Frasers Property Development Manager Jack Davis opened up to The Urban Developer to discuss how the concept of shared value is guiding the team charged with creating the world’s most sustainable shopping centre at Burwood Brickworks.

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    What is shared value?

    Shared value is a management strategy in which companies create business value by addressing social problems that intersect with their business.

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    Where can I see it?

    It’s driving Frasers Property’s development of Burwood Brickworks shopping centre.

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    What’s next?

    We’re developing the knowledge to make improved environmental performance more commercially rewarding, and we’ll share our experiences with industry.

Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.

Developed by acclaimed Harvard academics Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer, the notion of ‘shared value’ is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems.

Inspired by Australia’s commitment to target zero carbon emissions for new buildings by 2030, Frasers Property Australia embraced this concept as a framework for the development of their ambitious retail project, Burwood Brickworks shopping centre.

Frasers Property Australia is aiming to create the world’s most sustainable retail development, one that achieves the highest global sustainability standard: Living Building Challenge certification.

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