Why (and how) sustainability stacks up

By Property Australia with Jack Davis

A more comfortable customer experience is a crucial bi-product of creating an environmentally and socially sustainable shopping centre. Naturally, sustainability is ‘business as usual’ for Frasers Property.

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    The belief

    Successful shopping centres are about much more than transactions.

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    The surprising truth

    The real commodity is the visceral experience for shoppers, because that will bring them back.

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    The bottom line

    We’re investing an extra $14 million on sustainability initiatives at Burwood Brickworks.

Can abundant natural light, fresh air and living greenery encourage more customers through a shopping centre’s doors? Frasers Property Australia is determined to prove it does at Burwood Brickworks.

At first glance, allocating more than 2,000 sqm of rooftop space to the harvest and sale of fresh produce doesn’t stack up commercially.

But when you consider the extra revenue opportunities – the educational and tourism tours, the private hire fees for a unique function space and co-location opportunities for restaurants for example – the space drives a profitable return in its own right, says Frasers Property’s development manager Jack Davis.

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