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How Gift 2 Get 2 helped one family’s dream come true  

Chetan Bhatt was renting in another Frasers Property community when he started thinking about purchasing a home of his own at Fairwater. The decision to buy was a collective one made with his brother in law and a close family friend.

“If I don’t live close to my brother in law I’d probably have to get a divorce because my wife is very close to her sister,” laughs Chetan. “But it’s good to have family nearby. If there’s a school break or something we can send our children to one another.”

“We always joke about putting a small doorway through the back fences so the cousins can come and go,” adds Anshul, Chetan’s brother in law. 

The group headed across to Fairwater to take a look around the community, where they noticed posters for the Gift 2 Get 2 promotion hanging in the Sales Office.

“The sales consultant let us know that if we knew anyone already living in the community, they could refer us for a 2% discount,” recalls Chetan. “Luckily a friend of mine had purchased in Fairwater a year and a half ago so he gave the referral to one of us who then referred another and so on.”

The group are looking forward to receiving the 2% purchase reward at settlement, and have already enjoyed spoiling themselves with their $2,000 referral bonuses. 

“When you buy a home even the small things go a long way. I used the $2,000 to go on a vacation with my family to Thailand,” says Anshul.

“Some went to my wife’s shopping, some to my kid’s shopping and some to saving. But I did purchase myself a nice bottle of scotch to enjoy on the weekend,” says Chetan.

The brothers, along with their family friend, are looking forward to moving into their new homes in 2021.


Grow your community and turn a friend into a neighbour. 

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Our Care and Rewards Program