Bahrs Scrub Roadworks

Frasers Property Australia and Logan City Council, with support from the Queensland Government building acceleration fund, are working together to upgrade the local road network in Bahrs Scrub. These upgrades will occur on Bahrs Scrub Road and Menora /Hein Road, including a new east/west connection between these two roads.

These upgrades are important for improving road safety for all road users and will also improve efficiency and connectivity to the broader road networks servicing the region. The completion of these roadworks will also provide a more modern and urbanised experience, in keeping with the ongoing improvements being made in Bahrs Scrub as development proceeds.

By working together with Logan City Council and the State Government to facilitate the early delivery of these upgrades now, we will also avoid future impacts on the local community and an increasing number of uses of these key Bahrs Scrub roads.

June 2022 Update

In conjunction with Logan City Council, we are upgrading the local road network in Bahrs Scrub. Our contractor Hutchinson Civil has been making good progress with the construction of the Trunk Roadworks.

Menora Road / Wuraga Road intersection and culvert: This section of the road is now open, with some further landscape works continuing over the coming months.

Hein Road and Menora Road – south of Berzins Court:  Retaining wall construction is largely completed, with electrical, communications and gas infrastructure works in progress. Laying of road gravels and kerb is expected to commence soon. The upgraded road is forecast for early 2023.

Bahrs Scrub Road: Bulk earthworks and stormwater works are ongoing, with electrical works ue to commence in the coming weeks. This new extension to Bahrs Scrub Road is now forecast to open in the mid 2023, due to the impact of weather on the construction programme over the first half of the year.

Again, we are working very closely with our contractor Hutchinson Civil and also Logan City Council to minimise delays from the ongoing wet weather and will continue to keep you informed through further updates. Thank you for your continual support and patience while these works are completed.

Prangley Road Update

The road widening, and sewer and water infrastructure works between Hillary and Carol Streets has now completed. Further infrastructure works within Prangley Road (in the vicinity of Brookhaven Boulevard) will commence in August for an approximate four to six week period.

Your questions answered

Will there be traffic lights where Menora Road meets Wuraga Road?

Yes that’s correct, there will be signalised intersection installed at the Menora / Wuraga connection. This will significantly increase safety for all road users at this intersection.

Is there a plan for cars parking on the road in the detour area?

Existing parking will remain in place where applicable. The parking and through traffic functions of this road were considered as part of its design, and it will continue to operate effectively under the increased local traffic load.

Do the detours mean that everyone coming from the west will detour into Brookhaven and out to Prangley Road?

The Brookhaven Boulevard detour will be for local residents only. There is no through access possible between Brookhaven Boulevard and south of Hein Road, therefore traffic will not be able to drive directly between Brookhaven Boulevard and Yarrabilba or Logan Village.  Traffic external to Brookhaven will need to use the wider detours available around the community.

If I need to get to Dairy Creek Road am I going to have to detour down Teys Rd and go all the way around?

Wuraga Road will remain open during the road works period. There may be intermittent disruptions to normal traffic flow however, and a Teys Road detour will be available to be used at driver discretion.

Will the 30km/hour speed signs on Brookhaven Boulevard be removed?

All standard traffic signage will remain in place on Brookhaven Boulevard. We will also install additional temporary signage to remind local residents to be conscientious in this area whilst using it as a detour.

Will there be temporary signalling or some other traffic control at the top of Prangley where it meets Wuraga whilst Menora is closed?

The upgrade of this intersection does not form part of these works. Upgrades of intersections and the broader road network in Logan are a matter for Logan City Council and their ongoing reviews.

Will Wuraga Road get upgraded at any stage, is that something the Council is looking at in the future?

The upgrade of Wuraga Road and the broader road network in Logan are a matter for Logan City Council and their ongoing reviews.

If you have a question that is not covered, please get in touch. 

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