Bahrs Scrub Roadworks

Frasers Property Australia and Logan City Council, with support from the Queensland Government building acceleration fund, are working together to upgrade the local road network in Bahrs Scrub. These upgrades will occur on Bahrs Scrub Road and Menora /Hein Road, including a new east/west connection between these two roads.

These upgrades are important for improving road safety for all road users and will also improve efficiency and connectivity to the broader road networks servicing the region. The completion of these roadworks will also provide a more modern and urbanised experience, in keeping with the ongoing improvements being made in Bahrs Scrub as development proceeds.

By working together with Logan City Council and the State Government to facilitate the early delivery of these upgrades now, we will also avoid future impacts on the local community and an increasing number of uses of these key Bahrs Scrub roads.


May 2023 Update

In conjunction with Logan City Council, Frasers Property Australia is upgrading the local road network in Bahrs Scrub, and we are pleased to provide the following update on the progress of these significant infrastructure works.


We are proud to announce the new extension of Bahrs Scrub Road will begin opening to traffic from midday this Friday the 26th of May.

Leading up to the opening residents may experience:

- Minor delays as temporary barriers are removed.
- Delays as traffic lights are sequenced to their ultimate phasing.
- Ad-hoc traffic management as works are finalised.

Excitingly this marks the end of the current Bahrs Scrub Road, Menora Road, and Hein Road upgrades and extensions, although some intermittent maintenance may occur from time to time. Together with Logan City Council and the State Government we are proud to have facilitated the early delivery of these upgrades, providing infrastructure that will connect this community for years to come.

Thank you again for your continued support and patience, while these works were completed.

For any questions regarding the roadworks, please email me at and I will refer you to the correct team member to help you with your query.