Planned to provide a resort-like feel for residents, their guests and visitors

Cova‘s considered design process, undertaken at every stage of the project has ensured that an exceptional level of quality and amenity has been delivered.

At Cova, all design elements have been considered, right down to feature car courts and manicured garden beds. You can connect with the surrounding green spaces and the wider Cova community through a network of winding footpaths. And you can also appreciate the detail of every lot, right down to the best aspect and driveway location.

Six key ingredients all contribute to the Cova masterplan:

  • Great Location
  • Elegant Streetscape
  • Connected Open Space
  • Clever Layout
  • Design for the Residents
  • Diversity of Product

This considered approach complements the site’s natural assets and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle, encouraging residents to walk or cycle and reducing the need for motor vehicles.