News | 20 June 2022

Stunning art right at your doorstep

The Shed

Discover the story behind the surprising location of Northshore Hamilton’ s incredible indigenous artwork.

A brand-new public artwork commissioned and created exclusively for Northshore Brisbane does not grace the walls of a traditional gallery.

Rather, Three Circles, an arresting large-scale piece by renowned Brisbane artist Birrunga Wiradyuri, adorns the floor of The Shed, one of Northshore’s event and meeting spaces.

The stunning piece is the second Indigenous artwork commissioned for the precinct which has long been a place of cultural significance and ceremony for local First Nations people.

Mr Wiradyuri said the story of the Brisbane River was at the heart of Three Circles.

“There was a sandstone reef just upriver from Hamilton where you could actually walk across the river to Bulimba,” Mr Wiradyuri said.

“Culturally, where freshwater and saltwater meet is always a place of ceremony.

“Water is our life-giver so honouring any of the ceremonies that have taken place there is critical.”

Three Circles not only represents the Indigenous community’s historically strong connection to Country and waters, it welcomes all community members to connect with the Northshore precinct and use The Shed as a place for celebration and collaboration.

Two apprentice artists from Birrunga Gallery’s Creative Cultural Development Program assisted Mr Wiradyuri to complete the artwork: Kane Brunjes and Stevie O’Chin.

“Their strength as artists is in their storytelling and this artwork tells a story of balance, a story of renewal at one with the three rings, a deeply cultural and ancient story,” he said.

“And, like an awful lot of our stories, it works very well in the contemporary paradigm. Moving in and out of these three rings creates a conscious commitment to not just dwell in one area, to move and grow.”

Three Circles is located at The Shed, 257 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton and can be viewed by appointment or when booking the space. Learn more about Three Circles at 

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